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Unveiling True Risks Behind Bitcoin’s Surge – Bloomberg Analyst’s Take

Unveiling True Risks Behind Bitcoin’s Surge – Bloomberg Analyst’s Take

The optimism surrounding Bitcoin (BTC), the first digital currency, is being tempered by market realities affecting this emerging asset class.

According to Mike McGlone, a Senior Macro Strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, the assumption that past growth guarantees continuous upward movement may be stressing Bitcoin’s value.

Bitcoin’s mainstream popularity has led to lessons from other highly hyped assets, indicating that price reversals are a significant risk for the cryptocurrency, particularly as more people invest.

Bitcoin’s appeal spans both institutional and individual investors. After reaching an ATH above $69,000 in Nov 2021, its performance waned, but many are hopeful for another bull market.

McGlone drew parallels between Bitcoin’s trajectory and Amazon’s, which saw gradual 130-fold growth over 25 years. Bitcoin’s performance should hold if price consolidation persists.

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McGlone also noted Bitcoin’s viability even if it drops to $10,000 in the near term.

The future of Bitcoin’s growth hinges on developments like potential spot Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) approvals, which could revitalize its price. BlackRock and Fidelity Investments are vying for their spot BTC ETFs, but SEC approval is uncertain.

Industry experts remain cautious about the likelihood of a Bitcoin ETF approval.

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