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US Government Sanctions 13 Fintechs Over Crypto Services to Russia

US Government Sanctions 13 Fintechs Over Crypto Services to Russia

The United States government has taken action against 13 financial technology companies, alleging their involvement in providing cryptocurrency-related services to Russian entities seeking to evade economic sanctions amidst the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

According to statements from the US Treasury Department, these fintech firms, along with two individuals, are accused of facilitating the development or operation of blockchain-based platforms or enabling virtual currency transactions within Russia’s financial sector, potentially aiding in sanctions evasion.

Among the entities facing sanctions are B-Crypto, Masterchain, and Laitkhaus, all of which are reportedly linked with Russian banks to facilitate the issuance, transfer, and exchange of digital assets.

Furthermore, Netexchnage has been singled out for its operation of a cryptocurrency exchange, while Atomaiz is under scrutiny for its involvement in tokenizing precious metals for Russian businesses.

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Brian Nelson, the Treasury’s undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, emphasized the growing trend of Russia turning to alternative payment methods to bypass US sanctions and finance its actions in Ukraine.

Nelson affirmed the Treasury’s commitment to exposing and disrupting the activities of companies aiding sanctioned Russian financial institutions in accessing the global financial system, particularly as the Kremlin increasingly utilizes entities within the financial technology sector for this purpose.

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