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Which are the Most Developed Cryptocurrency Projects Today?

Which are the Most Developed Cryptocurrency Projects Today?

Santiment recently revealed a list of the most developed cryptocurrency projects on GitHub based on developer's commits.

Polkadot leads the way in developer activity on GitHub, with 558 commits in the past month, according to recent research by market intelligence platform Santiment.

This puts the proof-of-stake network in first place for notable development activity, ahead of Cardano and Internet Computer.

Polkadot’s ecosystem includes hundreds of side chains or “parachain” projects, which has been attracting developers from other networks such as Solana. Furthermore, Polkadot’s regulatory-compliant and user-focused utilities could help it avoid regulatory challenges.

The Web3 Foundation is also working with Polkadot and Kusama to expand web3 adoption.

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Despite recent price struggles, Polkadot has been continuing its development efforts, such as the latest release of Ink! 4.0, a programming language for smart contracts compatible with Substrate-built blockchains such as Polkadot.

However, DOT has retreated 4.3% on the day, falling to $7.15 at the time of writing, and has dropped out of the top ten by market cap. The Kusama KSM token often called the Polkadot’ canary network,’ has fared better, gaining 27% over the past week. At the time of writing, KSM had lost 6.3% on the day, falling to $42.81.

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