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Which Crypto Projects are Currently Being Most Actively Developed?

Which Crypto Projects are Currently Being Most Actively Developed?

Santiment, a crypto analytics company, has identified Polkadot (DOT), Kusama (KSM), and Cardano (ADA) as the leading cryptocurrencies in terms of notable GitHub development activity.

Over the last 30 days, Polkadot and Kusama had the highest number of Github commits, with 591.47, surpassing all other cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, Cardano had 531.8 and Internet Computer (ICP) was fourth with 399.7 commits.

It’s worth noting that Santiment’s data collection methodology only considered “true” Github commits, not routine updates. High development activity suggests that developers have confidence in the protocol and are likely to ship new features.

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DOT, ranked 13th by market cap, is currently trading at $6.03, down by almost 6% in the past seven days. KSM, ranked 123rd by market cap, is trading at $33.27, down 8%, while ADA, ranked seventh, is trading at around $0.3601, up 4.68% over the past week. ICP is trading at $4.94 after a 8.3% decline.

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