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Wormhole Protocol Launches with $3 Billion Market Cap

Wormhole Protocol Launches with $3 Billion Market Cap

The cross-chain messaging protocol, Wormhole (W), made a notable entrance with a $3 billion market cap.

Major exchanges like Binance, OKX, Bitget, Backpack, and WOO X announced support for W. An airdrop followed, distributing 617.3 million W tokens to over 400,000 eligible wallets.

Eligibility included users with wallets on various chains and members of the Wormhole Discord group.

With a Solana-based debut, W’s market cap stood at $2.97 billion, with plans to incorporate Ethereum’s ERC-20 functionality post-launch.

Token allocation focuses on guardian nodes, community, core contributors, ecosystem, strategic network participants, and the foundation treasury.

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Initially, 82% of tokens will be locked for four years to ensure long-term success and decentralization.

W will launch as a native Solana SPL token, later enabling ERC-20 functionality through Wormhole’s Native Token Transfers (NTT) for seamless transfers across connected networks.

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