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You Won’t Believe What NFT This User Sold for $280,000

You Won’t Believe What NFT This User Sold for $280,000

The crypto community witnessed something really interesting recently - the launch of a novel type of digital asset known as Bitcoin Ordinals.

Bitcoin Ordinals were launched in January by software engineer Casey Rodarmor. They are a protocol that enables users to store data on the Bitcoin blockchain network, a distributed digital ledger.

These allow for data to be stored on Bitcoin’s blockchain network, similar to NFTs, but for Bitcoin. Although these Ordinals are so new that they cannot be purchased through marketplaces like OpenSea, users can still store and trade them via special Bitcoin Ordinal wallets.

Despite this, unusual files, ranging from encrypted documents to digital art, have been uploaded to the Bitcoin network.

One such file, Inscription 2042, was added to the Bitcoin blockchain on February 2nd. Inscription 2042 is a 1-second audio file that features the sound of a wet fart.

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It is said to have been sold for 12.3 Bitcoin, approximately $280,000, although the lack of a centralized or decentralized marketplace for Bitcoin Ordinals makes it difficult to confirm.

These digital assets are often sold via over-the-counter trades within Bitcoin node operators’ random Discord channels.

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