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$630 Million Stolen by North Korean Hackers in 2022 – UN Report

$630 Million Stolen by North Korean Hackers in 2022 – UN Report

According to Reuters, North Korean hackers are responsible for stealing $630 million in cryptocurrency in 2022.

This information comes from a confidential report from the United Nations (UN), which is set to become public in the coming months.

One of the biggest blockchain data platforms, Chainalysis, said that out of $3.8 billion stolen in crypto last year, half of the sum went to North Korean hackers ($1.7 billion). Despite these estimates, the UN shares far lower numbers, stating that the difference would be the variations in the dollar value of the stolen cryptos.

According to the UN report, North Korea stole a record-breaking sum in 2022. Hackers targeted private foreign military companies to gain access to information and extort payments using ransomware.

However, the UN report does not explicitly state that all payments were in cryptocurrency. On the other hand, ransomware attacks rely on Bitcoin payments, meaning that most likely all payments were made in crypto.

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North Korean hackers were involved in various scandals, including attacks on Harmony Protocol, Ronin Bridge, and individual Japanese crypto firms. The Ronin Bridge hack was one of the biggest in the industry, in which over $600 million were stolen from the protocol.

Long-term reports published by a South Korean agency in December also suggested that North Korean hackers have stolen $1.2 billion since 2017.

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