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Bitcoin and Ethereum to Continue the Bullish Trend – Michael van de Pope

Bitcoin and Ethereum to Continue the Bullish Trend – Michael van de Pope

According to popular analyst Michaël van de Poppe, the recent correction in the cryptocurrency market has not dampened the long-term bullish outlook for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In a YouTube video update, van de Poppe predicts that Bitcoin may retrace to a low of $26,600 before resuming its upward trajectory.

He notes that Bitcoin must break through a key resistance level of $27,800 to signal the end of the corrective phase and trigger a new bullish trend. Currently trading at $27,547, Bitcoin is approaching this crucial level.

Van de Poppe also provides a positive outlook for Ethereum, stating that it is still in a macro uptrend as long as it remains above a critical support level on the weekly timeframe.

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He suggests that even if Ethereum experiences a corrective move towards the $1,800 level, it could still be trending upwards. At the time of writing, Ethereum is valued at $1,844.

Overall, van de Poppe believes that both Bitcoin and Ethereum are poised for continued growth in the long run, despite recent volatility in the broader cryptocurrency market.

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