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Bitcoin White Paper Found in Apple’s macOS System Files

Bitcoin White Paper Found in Apple’s macOS System Files

The discovery of the Bitcoin white paper hidden within Apple's system files for machines running macOS Catalina or later has caused a stir in the tech world.

The document, which showcases Satoshi Nakamoto‘s vision for decentralized cash, was found by independent blogger Andy Baio on his Waxy blog.

The file, labeled “simpledoc.pdf,” was buried in an obscure folder within macOS, and it is unclear why it was placed there.

Baio provided a command for accessing the document, which involves opening Terminal or, alternatively, following a specific path in Finder. Several people have confirmed the document’s existence in the location specified by Baio.

Apple’s relationship with the crypto and blockchain industry has been mixed, with the company allowing NFTs to be bought and sold on its App Store.

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However, Apple takes a cut of the revenue for app developers generating over $1 million, which has caused some controversy.

Despite this, the discovery of the Bitcoin white paper is seen as a subtle nod to the world’s oldest blockchain on the day of Nakamoto’s 48th birthday.

Apple has yet to comment on the presence of the document in its system files, leaving many to speculate about its origin and significance.

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