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Bitcoin White Paper is Being Removed from Apple’s macOS

Bitcoin White Paper is Being Removed from Apple’s macOS

Apple has taken down the Bitcoin white paper from its latest macOS Ventura beta.

The document had been hidden in the macOS system files since the Mojave version in 2018, and blogger Andy Baio discovered it.

The company did not provide any explanation for including the white paper, which led to speculation that it might have been an inside joke or a nod to the growing significance of cryptocurrencies.

However, the reason for removing the white paper remains unclear, and Apple has not commented on it. It is worth noting that Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged owning cryptocurrency in 2021, but it is uncertain whether he or other Apple executives played a role in the inclusion or removal of the white paper.

The discovery of the white paper sparked debates among Apple users about the company’s relationship with cryptocurrencies.

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Some believe that it could have been a subtle endorsement of Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology, while others think it was merely a practical choice for testing purposes due to its compact size.

With the mystery surrounding the white paper’s inclusion and removal unresolved, users are left to speculate on Apple’s stance on cryptocurrencies while keeping an eye on any potential shifts in the company’s attitude towards digital assets.

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