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Crime and Investigations

Crypto Heist: Prominent Nigerian Politician Arrested in $250K Disappearance

Crypto Heist: Prominent Nigerian Politician Arrested in $250K Disappearance

In a recent arrest that's reverberating across Nigeria's political and tech realms, the Nigeria Police Force detained Wilfred Bonse, a prominent political figure allegedly linked to the disappearance of over 200 million naira from Patricia Technologies’ cryptocurrency reserves.

Emerging reports suggest Bonse’s potential role in aiding the movement of roughly 50 million naira from the pilfered funds, indicating potential collaboration with cyber entities engaged in financial malpractices.

Collaborating closely with the National Cybercrime Center, law enforcement is actively probing a gamut of illicit activities, encompassing collusion, unauthorized system alterations, and the diversion of funds surpassing 200 million naira.

Official allegations lodged with the Inspector General of Police explicitly implicate Bonse in theft, manipulation of cryptocurrency platforms, and unauthorized fund transfers linked to Patricia Technologies.

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This intricate scenario doesn’t solely implicate Bonse; it extends to multiple individuals, with allegations pointing to his involvement in laundering 50 million naira from a fraudulent diversion of 607 million naira from Patricia Technology’s account. Investigations persist in untangling this intricate financial web.

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