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Cryptocurrency Influencer Ben Armstrong in Hot Water Over FTX Securities Promotion

Cryptocurrency Influencer Ben Armstrong in Hot Water Over FTX Securities Promotion

BitBoy Crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong is scheduled to appear in court on allegations of harassment.

In this instance, Armstrong and other cryptocurrency influencers are facing a class action lawsuit alleging the promotion of unregistered securities at FTX. Armstrong is participating in a BitBoy-sponsored cryptocurrency cruise to the Bahamas and has expressed no intention to attend the hearing, despite a judicial order requiring his in-person presence.

Armstrong claims that he never promoted FTX, but court filings suggest that he once praised FTX and its utility token.

Armstrong’s behavior towards the lawyer who filed the case, Adam Moskowitz, has been detailed in court filings and on Armstrong’s social media. Armstrong’s representatives did not respond to requests for comment.

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The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida is where the case against Armstrong and other influencers of FTX has been filed. The Moskowitz Law Firm has initiated lawsuits against FTX promoters, Voyager Digital – a defunct cryptocurrency lender, and Binance, which is currently the largest crypto exchange in the world.

Armstrong has been engaging in combative communication with Moskowitz, including sending emails and social media posts with profanity. As a result, a judge has ordered him to appear in court on Thursday to address his behavior.

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