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Edge Wallet Suffers Security Breach – 2,000 Private Keys Were Stolen

Edge Wallet Suffers Security Breach – 2,000 Private Keys Were Stolen

Edge Wallet recently experienced a security breach resulting in the theft of 2,000 private keys.

The team promptly addressed the issue and released a patch to prevent future incidents. The attacker only targeted Bitcoin and did not access any other assets.

The breach occurred due to a vulnerability in private keys resulting from certain actions, such as selecting specific options under buy and sell tabs or using the upload logs feature.

This breach affected 0.01% of all keys made via Edge, and the total amount stolen was a low five figures in USD. Edge Wallet is a decentralized, non-custodial wallet focused on privacy and security.

Edge Wallet has faced controversy in the past, such as the announcement of a confidential Mastercard that Mastercard did not approve. The Titan Stealer malware has also targeted the wallet, which can steal various types of sensitive information.

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Unfortunately, the crypto market has seen numerous attacks in the past 18 months, with 2022 being the worst year for crypto theft. The cross-chain bridge attack has been a popular exploit, resulting in some of the biggest crypto hacks of 2022.

Despite being only two months into 2023, the USP stablecoin and Trust Wallet have already experienced significant hacks.

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