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Harvest Keeper AI Investment Scam: Investors Lose Over $1 Million

Harvest Keeper AI Investment Scam: Investors Lose Over $1 Million

The team behind Harvest Keeper dApp has been accused of a scam, allegedly stealing around $1 million from users.

The project claimed to use artificial intelligence (AI) to offer high returns to investors. Reports indicate that Harvest Keeper is a rug pull scam, and several crypto security firms, including CertiK, have advised against interacting with any of the project’s URLs.

CertiK stated that the Harvest Keeper contract was drained by a privileged getAmount function, transferring over $700,000 in USDT to an address.

Users’ assets were also allegedly stolen through ice phishing transactions across BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon, with approximately $219,000 being stolen this way.

Harvest Keeper claimed to be an innovative AI-based project, promising daily rewards of 4.81% and an investment return of 101% in three weeks. The project advertised itself as a platform that could help users in turbulent market conditions.

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The crypto community is understandably upset about the situation, with some asking for help from Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. Others have warned against clicking any links purportedly from Harvest Keeper. As the theft occurred recently, there is no evidence of the attacker’s identity.

Regardless, users may face difficulties retrieving their funds, which is becoming a common theme in the market as negative incidents continue.

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