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Italy blocks ChatGPT Amid Investigation

Italy blocks ChatGPT Amid Investigation

Italy’s data protection agency is currently investigating OpenAI’s artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT, which has been temporarily blocked in the country.

This follows a data breach that occurred on March 20, 2023, where user data was exposed to an unauthorized user. As a result, Italy’s data watchdog has ordered the immediate limitation of data processing for Italian users by OpenAI.

The data protection agency has also raised concerns over a lack of information for users in terms of the data collected by OpenAI. They noted that there is a lack of legal basis that justifies the mass collection and storage of personal data by the AI as it trains its algorithms. Additionally, they found inaccuracies in terms of processing personal data and that the information given by the AI chatbot doesn’t always reflect real data.

Moreover, the Italian data watchdog also pointed out a potential breach of ChatGPT’s own data protection rules. While ChatGPT limits its use to only people above 13 years old, there is no filter that verifies the user’s age within the application. This could potentially expose minors to unsuitable answers that could harm their developing minds.

Apart from Italy, OpenAI’s ChatGPT is also facing heat from other parts of the world. On March 31, the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Policy (CAIDP) filed a complaint against ChatGPT, attempting to stop the release of powerful AI systems to the masses. The CAIDP described the chatbot as a “biased” and “deceptive” platform, which poses a risk to public safety and privacy.

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OpenAI, the United States company behind ChatGPT, has yet to respond to the Italian data watchdog’s investigation. The incident highlights the importance of data protection and privacy in the age of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. As AI technology continues to evolve and be integrated into various industries, there is a growing need to establish clear guidelines and standards for data protection and privacy to ensure that user information is kept safe and secure.

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