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Cardano Leads in Social Media Buzz Amid Key Developments

Cardano Leads in Social Media Buzz Amid Key Developments

The data analytics company Santiment published a report saying that Cardano (ADA) and Bitcoin (BTC) have the highest social media involvement.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, recently revealed the upcoming hard fork – Chang, which is expected to be a significant advancement not only for Cardano itself but for the entire cryptocurrency industry.

Cardano intends to introduce a new governance model under its ‘Voltaire’ phase roadmap designed to give the community more power. According to Hoskinson, this move will establish Cardano as the most advanced blockchain in terms of governance.

Many comments shared on social platforms indicate that people are positive about what may happen with Cardano going forward following this news release. Despite that however, the price of ADA rose by only 0.5% over the past day to maintain its position in market cap rankings at number 11 with $15.6 billion worth.

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Bitcoin has been receiving a lot of attention lately because of some recent price movements. Last week it failed to break above $72,000 due to strong employment data after which it dived down back to $67,100.

Also, Bitcoin managed to achieve its second highest weekly close ever which is something worth mentioning in the light of social media users’ frequent comparison between its market capitalization and that of major companies like Apple Inc., indicating an increasing presence within traditional finance sectors.

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