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Economist Predicts Major Altcoin Surge Before Economic Recession

Economist Predicts Major Altcoin Surge Before Economic Recession

Economist Henrik Zeberg anticipates a significant surge in the altcoin market, potentially reaching new highs before a global economic downturn.

Zeberg references the TOTAL-ETH-BTC chart, which tracks the market cap of all crypto assets excluding Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Zeberg predicts a dramatic rise in the TOTAL-ETH-BTC chart to approximately $1.83 trillion, indicating a period of intense market enthusiasm.

He asserts that both US equities and cryptocurrencies are poised for substantial gains in the final, speculative phase of the current business cycle, suggesting an upcoming altseason that will significantly boost altcoin prices.

Currently, the TOTAL-ETH-BTC stands at $662.75 billion.

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Zeberg also shares insights on central bank actions, noting that institutions like the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank (ECB) typically cut interest rates just before a recession.

He points out that the ECB’s recent rate cut is a typical late-cycle maneuver aimed at preventing an economic downturn. Zeberg encourages his followers to consider whether we are in a late-cycle phase or on the brink of a new economic expansion.

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