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OKX Users Should Update Their iOS After a Vulnerability Alert

OKX Users Should Update Their iOS After a Vulnerability Alert

Users of the OKX Wallet app are being advised by Certik, a blockchain security firm, to promptly update their iOS application.

Certik recently disclosed the discovery of a vulnerability termed Remote Code Execution (RCE) within the OKX Wallet app via a post on the X social media platform.

An RCE vulnerability enables a hacker to remotely manipulate a computing device, regardless of its location.

Certik’s findings prompted OKX to swiftly release a patched version of the iOS app, addressing the vulnerability.

In their advisory, Certik emphasized the urgency for OKX wallet users to immediately update to the latest iOS app version. They highlighted the risk of potential compromise to sensitive data and crypto assets due to the identified RCE vulnerability.

Certik provided evidence demonstrating the potential for an attacker to assume full control over the OKX iOS App, emphasizing the high risk associated with using an outdated version.

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OKX responded to the security alert by expressing gratitude to Certik for the notification and confirmed that they have completed the necessary updates. They assured users that customer assets remained unaffected by the vulnerability.

Additionally, OKX specified that the fix had been implemented in iOS version 6.45.0 and strongly recommended users to update their app without delay.

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