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Ripple Hit with Class Action Lawsuit

Ripple Hit with Class Action Lawsuit

Ripple finds itself entangled in yet another legal tussle, as recent reports unveil a fresh class action lawsuit filed against the company.

The litigation, lodged in the Northern District of California, alleges that Ripple, its CEO Bradley Garlinghouse, and subsidiary XRP II, flouted federal and California securities laws by peddling the digital currency XRP sans requisite registration.

The lawsuit contends that Ripple orchestrated the unauthorized sale of XRP, evading mandatory registration mandates mandated by both federal and state securities regulations.

This legal fracas seeks to represent two distinct cohorts: a Federal Securities Claims Class and a California State Securities Claims Class. These groups encompass individuals or entities who procured XRP between July 3, 2017, and June 30, 2023, and either retained the asset or suffered losses upon its disposal.

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Ripple and its co-defendants staunchly rebuff any allegations of impropriety, maintaining that XRP was not obliged to undergo registration as a security. Nonetheless, the dispute appears poised to escalate into a potentially acrimonious legal confrontation.

Stakeholders impacted by the lawsuit are confronted with pivotal decisions concerning their legal rights and avenues for redress. Participants within the class action have until Apr. 5 to elect to forgo involvement in the lawsuit, thereby enabling them to pursue autonomous legal recourse against Ripple.

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