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Ron DeSantis Takes a Stand Against CBDC in Florida

Ron DeSantis Takes a Stand Against CBDC in Florida

In a recent speech, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called for a ban on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) in his state and urged other states to follow suit.

Governor DeSantis emphasized that he never wants to see Florida resort to using CBDCs as money and stressed the importance of protecting personal finances from government surveillance.

To achieve this, he is pushing for legislation that will expressly forbid the use of CBDCs as money within Florida’s commercial code. Governor DeSantis also advocates for other like-minded states to adopt similar legislation into their uniform commercial code and reject any changes to their code that would formally recognize any central bank digital currency.

Furthermore, the Governor wants to ensure that any CBDC issued by a foreign reserve or government-sanctioned central bank is prohibited. He believes this will prevent any attempt to adopt a worldwide digital currency in Florida or any other state that shares the same values.

Governor DeSantis also spoke with the Lieutenant Governor of Texas and the head of the Senate in Texas, and he believes that Texas will soon do something similar to Florida.

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The Governor believes that holding physical cash gives individuals power over their finances. In contrast, the digitization of money puts the control in the hands of others. He hopes that a groundswell of states will join Florida in rejecting CBDCs and other forms of digital currency because “cash is king”.

In summary, Governor DeSantis is determined to protect the financial sovereignty of Florida and its citizens by preventing the adoption of CBDCs. He is also encouraging other states to do the same to safeguard their citizens’ financial privacy and prevent government surveillance.

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