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Crime and Investigations

Solana Developer Admits to Misusing Recovered Funds Following Exploit

Solana Developer Admits to Misusing Recovered Funds Following Exploit

An individual known as Hoak, a contributor to the Solana-based exchange Cypher, confessed to misusing and gambling away the recovered funds from a previous exploit.

Hoak reportedly withdrew ETH, WSOL, BONK, and other cryptocurrencies in 36 transactions from Cypher’s redemption contract, totaling approximately $260,000 at current prices.

Another Cypher contributor named Barrett discovered these transactions and subsequently alerted law enforcement.

In a statement on Tuesday, Hoak admitted to his actions, acknowledging the truth of the allegations and expressing remorse for his behavior. He attributed his actions to deteriorating mental health, citing a severe gambling addiction and other psychological issues left unchecked over the past year.

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The exploit at Cypher occurred in August 2023, resulting in the loss of 38,530 SOL and 123,184 USDC, with total losses exceeding $1 million. The Cypher team froze $600,000 of stolen funds on centralized exchanges and established a redemption contract for users to reclaim their lost assets.

Barrett expressed disappointment over the fate of the recovered funds, particularly as Hoak, a core contributor who remained with the project post-exploit, was responsible for misappropriating them. The issue came to light when a user in the Discord community reported being unable to withdraw funds, prompting Hoak’s reassurances and subsequent failure to resolve the issue within the provided deadline.

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