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Crime and Investigations

Spanish Authorities Dismantle ISIS-Support Network, Seize €200K in Crypto

Spanish Authorities Dismantle ISIS-Support Network, Seize €200K in Crypto

Under Spanish law enforcement's purview, a dismantled network supporting ISIS revealed transactions amounting to €200,000 in cryptocurrency, sourced from criminal operations in Europe.

Five individuals allegedly linked to aiding DAESH terrorists were apprehended after an extensive two-and-a-half-year investigation.

During this period, the group purportedly plotted two terror attacks and financed jihadists utilizing cryptocurrency obtained from illicit activities within Europe. Authorities seized €200,000 in cryptocurrency from the group.

Among the detained, one individual was reportedly radicalized and poised to execute an attack. Upon searching their residence, law enforcement found ammunition and extremist materials, including manuals for creating explosives and indoctrinating minors.

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The investigation’s inception stemmed from uncovering ties between an individual in Spain and a jihadist planning an assault in France, prompting a collaborative operation between Switzerland and Spain, resulting in eight arrests.

The initial suspects were part of a wider global network supporting ISIS, prompting Spanish authorities to collaborate with twelve countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Maghreb, culminating in the recent arrests.

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