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Swiss Digital Asset Infrastructure Provider Collaborates to Expand Support for Tokenized Assets

Swiss Digital Asset Infrastructure Provider Collaborates to Expand Support for Tokenized Assets

Swiss-based Metaco has announced a collaboration with Liechtenstein's VP Bank to consolidate their digital asset custody and tokenization operations.

The partnership will allow VP Bank to expand its services and offer support for tokenized asset minting, burning, and storage using Metaco’s Harmonize platform.

Rethinking wealth management with a combination of traditional banking and digital ecosystems

Marcel Fleisch, VP Bank’s chief product officer, emphasized that their company is rethinking wealth management by combining traditional banking with digital ecosystems.

This will provide new opportunities and services for their clients. By partnering with Metaco, VP Bank can offer new asset classes and expand its business models in any direction.

Metaco’s expansion in Europe

Metaco has been expanding its presence all over Europe by partnering with key players within the region. In February 2021, the company collaborated with Germany’s DekaBank to launch a blockchain-based platform expected to be released in 2024.

The token infrastructure provider also partnered with German asset manager DZ Bank to include digital currencies in its asset management services.

In addition, Metaco partnered with Togg, a Turkish automotive technology firm, to secure its auto mobility services powered by smart contracts.

Apart from Europe, Metaco has also extended its arms to Southeast Asia. In November 2020, the company assisted the UnionBank of the Philippines in launching custody and trading services for Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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Metaco’s platform: meeting the demand for new asset classes

Seamus Donoghue, Metaco’s chief growth officer, commented on the collaboration, saying that their platform enables banks and other financial institutions to meet the demand for new asset classes.

This includes expanding business models in any direction. Donoghue is proud that VP Bank, one of the largest banks in Liechtenstein and a future-oriented bank for private clients and intermediaries, is relying on Metaco Harmonize to scale its digital asset custody and tokenization services.

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