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The AI Battle Heats Up: Elon Musk’s New Startup Joins the Fray

The AI Battle Heats Up: Elon Musk’s New Startup Joins the Fray

Elon Musk, the tech entrepreneur and billionaire, is reportedly working on a new artificial intelligence (AI) startup to compete with OpenAI.

OpenAI is one of the most popular generative AI companies that Musk helped establish in 2015.

According to a recent report from the FT, the upcoming AI startup will place Musk among other major tech giants like Microsoft and Google, who are also developing next-generation AI.

Musk has assembled a team of AI researchers and engineers and is said to be in talks with investors for the new venture.

Despite being one of the signatories of an open letter urging a temporary pause on further AI development, Musk seems to be forging ahead with his plans.

He recently incorporated a company named X.AI and changed the name of Twitter to “X Corp” as part of his plan to create an “everything app” under the “X” brand.

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In addition, an anonymous source revealed that Musk purchased around 10,000 graphics processing units to power Twitter’s AI initiatives.

It remains to be seen what Musk’s new AI startup will look like, but it is clear that he is determined to make his mark in the world of AI.

Meanwhile, more companies like Amazon Web Services are also joining the AI race, with the Amazon Bedrock initiative allowing AWS users to build generative AI from foundation models.

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