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Two OneCoin Promoters Found Dead in Mexico

Two OneCoin Promoters Found Dead in Mexico

Two OneCoin promoters were found dead in Masatlan, Mexico.

Oscar Britto Ibarra and Ignacio Ibarra, two major OneCoin promoters, were kidnapped and killed in Mexico.

According to the report, the two men were promoting OneCoin as a payment method for a local car company – ‘Latin American Automotive Marketing Company’.

The news was first reported by the publication ‘La Tercera’ last Saturday (July 11th). According to the report, the bodies were found in suitcases in an abandoned property.

In 2017, Oscar Britto signed on as an affiliate (partner) for OneCoin. At that stage, the project was already recognized as a Ponzi scheme by many international authorities.

After promoting the scam for some time, Britto found a partner from Argentina – Ignacio Ibarra. He advertised OneCoin, offering discounts on car purchases if the token was used. According to the report, the promised cars were never delivered. However, the two men continued to promote the scam.

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Around 140 people were scammed by OneCoin by the end of 2019, with some losing up to $400,000, the report claims.

On June 20, Britto and Ibarra went to Masatlan, Sinaloa, and it is unclear exactly why they did so. A few days later, their bodies were found in suitcases.

Local cartels, who are increasingly using cryptocurrencies to launder their money, are likely involved in the murder.

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