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Crime and Investigations

UK Pensioner Scammed £170K in Crypto Romance Scam

UK Pensioner Scammed £170K in Crypto Romance Scam

A pensioner from Rushcliffe was recently scammed out of £170,000 after falling prey to a sophisticated "crypto romance scam" orchestrated by organized crime gangs in Nigeria.

According to reports, the woman in her 70s was conned after meeting someone online who claimed to be a US Army surgeon. After talking to the scammer for several months, she was convinced he was in love with her and needed money to end his work contract early.

The fraudster suggested that Bitcoin was the only way to transfer the funds, and he promised to pay her back once he had access to his money. The woman believed him and deposited cash into Bitcoin ATMs in Nottingham on several occasions.

When the bank noticed the large transactions, it contacted Nottinghamshire Police, who later confirmed that the woman had been scammed.

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While the pensioner was compensated £110,000 with the help of the Fraud Protect Team, she was left £60,000 out of pocket and emotionally drained after enduring months of stress and anxiety.

This case highlights the importance of being vigilant and cautious when dealing with online transactions and unknown parties.

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