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NFTs and Metaverse

Amazon to Offer Customers Real-World Asset-Backed NFTs with Doorstep Delivery

Amazon to Offer Customers Real-World Asset-Backed NFTs with Doorstep Delivery

According to sources familiar with the matter, Amazon is preparing to offer its customers the option to purchase NFTs connected to real-world assets that will be delivered to them.

This is a significant improvement from the e-commerce giant’s previous efforts in developing its NFT platform.

Once it goes live, the company intends to notify all Amazon Prime customers, at least in the United States, about its digital collectibles initiative. Customers can purchase an NFT related to fashion items like jeans and pay using a credit card.

The launch date for this project is uncertain, with some sources stating that it will happen by May at the latest. One source suggested that Amazon would use email to inform all US-based Prime subscribers about the digital collectibles push.

Amazon is planning to onboard millions of users without requiring them to learn about self-custody or how to set up a MetaMask wallet.

The back-end blockchain technology that Amazon is employing is unclear, and the company appears to be considering a variety of integration possibilities.

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Amazon has contacted various blockchain gaming firms and emerging and established digital asset projects and has hired or partnered with dozens of Web3 developers.

According to multiple sources, Amazon intends to establish some form of a private blockchain. It’s unknown if Amazon tokens will be included in the project, and one source referred to the setup as a “walled garden.”

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