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Blur NFT Platform to Airdrop $300 Million Worth of Tokens

Blur NFT Platform to Airdrop $300 Million Worth of Tokens

On Tuesday, Blur, a rising Ethereum NFT trading platform, announced plans to distribute additional tokens worth $300 million to loyal users.

This comes after Blur recently surpassed OpenSea, a long-established competitor, as the most popular Ethereum NFT trading platform in terms of trading volume.

In its first season, Blur rewarded users with “care packages” of its native BLUR tokens for certain actions. In season 2, the company will use a gamified program to assign users a loyalty score based on their activity on the platform.

The score will determine the number of BLUR tokens a user will receive in a later airdrop based on the number of NFTs they list. The loyalty system will consider minor actions, like quote-tweeting, to boost a user’s score.

However, it’s unclear how Blur links activities on other platforms like Twitter to its own site.

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The escalating competition between NFT platforms has led to OpenSea eliminating its 2.5% fee and reducing creator royalty protections.

Although Blur has higher trading volumes than OpenSea, much of this activity is generated by a small group of whale traders who use Blur’s rewards program to accrue as much BLUR as possible.

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