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NFTs and Metaverse

CryptoPunks Resurgence Sparks NFT Frenzy Amid Broader Market Shift

CryptoPunks Resurgence Sparks NFT Frenzy Amid Broader Market Shift

The NFT sector, experiencing a year-long decline, is currently undergoing a positive transformation marked by heightened interest in the CryptoPunks collection.

Comprising 10,000 unique pixel art characters on the Ethereum blockchain, CryptoPunks is witnessing a resurgence after a period of subdued activity.

Recent data from IntoTheBlock indicates a substantial surge in trading volume, escalating from $200,000 to over $3 million in a week.

This surge, reflective of increased liquidity and demand, has also translated into a remarkable 1,000% rise in sales volume.

CryptoPunks now leads Ethereum-based NFT collections in sales volume, with a notable 27% increase in the floor price over the past seven days.

This renewed interest in CryptoPunks aligns with a broader NFT market revival, evidenced by Ethereum-based NFT daily trading volume surpassing $30 million on November 9.

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It coincides with positive sentiment in the broader cryptocurrency market, particularly a 37% rise in Bitcoin over the past month.

The NFT industry, poised for a potential bull market, stands to attract substantial fresh capital, supported by on-chain data indicating a possible bullish run for most non-fungible tokens.

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