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NFT Marketplace LooksRare Reduces Fees by 75% After Latest Update

NFT Marketplace LooksRare Reduces Fees by 75% After Latest Update

LooksRare, a marketplace for Nonfungible tokens (NFTs), has announced the release of version 2.

The company has reduced fees by 75% and introduced several new features, as per the April 6 announcement.

The previous version charged 2% per trade, while the new version only charges 0.5%. The new platform also has more gas-efficient contracts that can save users up to 30% on gas fees.

Moreover, in version 2, sellers receive ETH instead of Wrapped ETH for most sales, and the smart contracts allow bulk buying and selling orders.

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Additionally, aggregators can now implement custom recipients, and sellers can list their NFTs for sale in token prices, including for a fixed US dollar price.

However, some users are still skeptical about the new version‘s token incentives and listing capacity.

Despite this, the announcement has received positive reactions from many LooksRare users, who believe that the new features will provide a strong challenge to competitors like OpenSea and Blur.

The company has also stated that version 1 will be sunsetted on April 13.

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