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Salesforce and Polygon Introduce NFT-Based Loyalty Program

Salesforce and Polygon Introduce NFT-Based Loyalty Program

Salesforce, the world's leading CRM platform, has joined forces with Polygon, a layer-2 blockchain, to develop a rewards system based on NFTs.

This collaboration signifies a significant breakthrough in customer interaction through Web3 technology as more companies recognize the potential of blockchain technology in enhancing customer engagement.

On March 16th, Salesforce announced that it is preparing to launch an NFT-based rewards solution allowing users to track real-time blockchain data of Ethereum and Polygon collections in their CRM.


This loyalty program is considered the best approach for customer retention, extending the customer lifecycle, and creating a platform for business growth. According to Smile.io, loyalty programs can generate about 40% of business revenue.

In recent years, blockchain technology has been increasingly used in customer engagement strategies, especially loyalty programs.

Starbucks, a popular coffee shop chain in the West, also partnered with Polygon to develop its NFT-based rewards system in September 2022.
The Salesforce-Polygon rewards system is designed to improve customer engagement and provide a unique experience to users.

By utilizing NFTs, the rewards system can offer more personalized incentives, such as unique digital collectibles and other exclusive items that can be customized to individual customers’ preferences and interests.

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Customers can earn rewards through various actions, including purchases and referrals, and redeem them for exclusive products, discounts, or other incentives the business offers. By providing a more personalized and engaging experience, companies can establish a deeper and more meaningful relationship with their customers.

The partnership between Salesforce and Polygon marks a significant stride in adopting blockchain technology in customer engagement strategies. As more businesses recognize the advantages of blockchain technology in loyalty programs, we can anticipate more innovative solutions in the future.

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