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Starbucks Partners With Crypto Project for NFT Rewards

Starbucks Partners With Crypto Project for NFT Rewards

Starbucks has launched the beta version of a new rewards program that allows members to earn and purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

These digital items are minted on Ethereum blockchain’s scaling solution, Polygon (MATIC).

In a recent announcement, the world’s largest coffee chain said it is launching “Starbucks Odyssey” a loyalty program for customers, employees and partners of the company in the U.S. who have signed up to be put on a waiting list.

Program members can participate in a series of interactive activities called “Journeys.” Once they complete them, they receive an NFT “Seal of the Journey” award issued to MATIC that will unlock new benefits and experiences.

As Starbucks executive vice president and chief marketing officer Brady Brewer said:

“Our innovative spirit and desire to continually exceed our customers’ expectations led to the launch of Starbucks Odyssey.

The Starbucks Odyssey journey began with the beta launch, and we’re excited to collaborate with our members and partners who will help shape the Odyssey experience as we explore together.”

The Seattle-based company said it sent out the first batch of invites this month and will continue to send out more invites starting in January 2023.


Back in September, Starbucks announced it would be launching a blockchain-based rewards program in partnership with Polygon.

At the time of writing, MATIC’s price is hovering around $0.90, and it hasn’t shown any significant fluctuations in the last 24 hours.

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