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Visa Releases NFT Collection Before the World Cup in Qatar

Visa Releases NFT Collection Before the World Cup in Qatar

The financial services giant and FIFA's official payment partner for the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar has announced the launch of the Visa Masters of Movement NFT auction ahead of the event.

According to the firm, the NFT in question is inspired by the unique goals of 5 football legends including Jared Borgetti, Tim Cahill, Carly Lloyd, Michael Owen and Maxi Rodriguez.

The moves of these football stars have been converted into NFT by the award-winning XK Studio and as it turns out, bidding for the tokens is open on Crypto.com, one of the official partners of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Visa said that collectors who place the winning bid for NFT Masters of the Movement will receive the artwork in their Crypto.com wallets along with a high-quality printable file. The NFTs in question will be signed by the featured players, adding to their authenticity.

As the World Cup approaches, we want to celebrate football, art and technology through the lens of what makes [the format] so special – the insanely passionate fans, the legendary athletes and, for a few short weeks, the ability to bring the world together in a unique way.” said Andrea Fairchild, senior vice president and head of sponsorship at Visa.

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FIFA has entered into many partnerships ahead of the World Cup, which will be held in Qatar. While the event remains one of this decade’s most anticipated sporting tournaments, brands partnering with the football association are particularly keen on the opportunity to record historic moments in blockchain.

In addition to its partnership with Visa and Crypto.com, FIFA also has an active partnership with blockchain protocol Algorand.

The pre-auction is just a continuation of the FIFA Fan Fest, which will be held live in Doha. According to its concept, fans will be able to create their own Masters of Movement, some of which will get the opportunity to be released as NFTs.

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